Italian Rastaurant

Taylor, a native of Dayton who honed his culinary skills as a chef at Krug’s in Dayton, then served as an assistant to Krug and his successor Dominique Fortin, who later introduced C’est Tout (later Dominiques) to Oakwood. Krug retired in 1999 and Taylor went on to work as a chef and owner of several other restaurants in the Dayton area. In 2007, Taylor founded Savona Restaurant and Wine Bar in Centerville, which later became Twisted Root and Root 48, both of which closed in 2014.
The Catanzarite and his family run C’est Tout, a restaurant and wine bar in Oakwood, as well as several other restaurants in the Dayton area. The note Victoria posted on the kitchen wall of her restaurant, along with a note from Taylor, was also photographed and shared on Facebook and Twitter as evidence of racism.
However, in part of the note she said ‘I’m a racist and very proud of it’ and said it was mainly about eating and drinking too much. She said her note was old-fashioned and no longer hanging in the kitchen, but it was still on the wall. lån penge
The owner of Victoria’s Italian Cuisine in Appleton said it was racist. The Facebook post, which was played by a customer, generated more than 1,000 shares and 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours.
She confirmed the comment and said she and her husband would not use the f-word in front of their daughter. On Sunday night, however, she made a comment that a customer found offensive and detailed in a widely circulated Facebook post. She apologized to those offended for making jokes about people marching, and she acknowledged her comments about white power.
It doesn’t sound like that at all, “said Bryan Maves, the restaurant’s owner and a longtime friend of her and her husband Bryan.